Family Court Document Preparation


Update: We are sorry – Shahla has accepted a position elsewhere and I Law is closed for now except in relation to notarizations. If you require a notary public please visit the fee page for rates. Shahla is available evenings and weekends for notarizations only. Thank you.

“I wish to file documents in Family Court myself but don’t know how. Where do I go?”

Court is stressful but sometimes there is no other option.

I Law may prepare the Court documents you wish to file, at a given time, for a reasonable price, following a legal counselling and consultation session.

Fees vary depending on the complexity of the case.

I Law’s Service Agreement will set out the services, fees and disbursements to be charged for preparation of the documents. Book a paid legal counselling and consultation session to discuss further.

Self-Representing Clients

This service is geared ONLY for clients who are representing themselves in Court without a lawyer and only require the assistance of I Law for preparation of the documents.

The lawyer’s retainer (meaning the lawyer’s obligation under the Service Agreement) ends upon completing the documents for you.

The lawyer will not:

  • file the documents
  • serve the documents
  • appear in Court at any time on your behalf,
  • contact the opposing party nor opposing lawyer nor any third party on your behalf.

The client is responsible for:

  • filing the documents on time
  • ensuring the documents are served on time
  • appearing in Court and ensuring no Court dates are missed (otherwise an order could be made without the client)
  • directly responding to the opposing party or their lawyer or any other third party 
  • if the client requires an extension for the filing of documents, the client must contact the opposing lawyer and/or the Court coordinator.

If, during the course of Court proceedings, the client subsequently requires additional documents to be filed, the client may contact I Law again for that purpose and enter into a new Service Agreement.



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