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“My partner and I have decided to separate. We are amicable and wish to avoid expensive litigation. But we can’t agree. What do we do now?”

If parties wish to come to the bargaining table but have encountered difficulties in communication or reached a stalemate, mediation is a great option.  The mediator is a neutral third party who guides the parties to reach a settlement.

Before Mediation

Before mediation begins, it is strongly recommended that each party consult separate lawyers, outside of I Law for an understanding of their respective rights and obligations. Prior to entering into mediation, each party must sign a Mediation Agreement

Also prior to mediation, the parties must exchange financial disclosure and provide it to the mediator and complete a form to provide additional information of their circumstances.

During Mediation

Mediation may take place with both parties eventually seated at the table at the same time or alternatively the parties may each alternate meeting with the mediator alone on the understanding that the mediator will convey to the other party their position.

Mediation may take two sessions or more. The mediator may wish to conduct one session with each party separately prior to bringing them together for a third session.

If mediation does not progress because there is a delay or an inability on the part of one or both parties to reach common ground, the parties may wish to return to their respective lawyers to discuss other options.

If there has been intense conflict, mediation may not be possible without first seeking the assistance of a therapist.

After Mediation

After a settlement is reached, the mediator will prepare an agreement and both parties will be recommended to sign the Agreement before independent lawyers outside I Law.


There is a free 15 minute in person consultation to determine if mediation is right for you. The cost of mediation is based on an hourly rate, may be charged on a sliding scale for those with household incomes under $59,000.00 per year. Prior to entering into mediation, each party must sign a Mediation Agreement and pay a retainer fee. Invoices will be issued after each mediation session.


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